What Your Garage Doors Say About You

What Your Garage Doors Say About You

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Is it possible to learn anything about the people based on their garage doors? Well, as much as it may seem strange it is actually possible to learn a lot about a person based on the choice and the looks of his/hers garage doors as well as based on the looks of his/hers home. There are basically two ways you can read a person based on their garage door. One is by the state of the garage door and the other one is by the looks of the garage door.

What state your garage doors are in?

What Your Garage Doors Say About YouPeople that proceed with regular and proper garage door maintenance; people that call the garage door company and garage door service providers when necessary, people that replace all the necessary garage door parts on time and people that clean their garage door tracks are most probably perceived like extremely ordinate, well organized, systematic and reliable people. Quite often they leave a sensation of very agreeable individuals that easily come along with almost anybody; kinds of person that smoothly slide through various life situations and challenges not failing ever once due to good preparation. On the other hand people whose garage doors are literally moaning when in motion; people that never have garage door contractors over, people whose garage door panel is moving like a sea saw are definitely running the risk of being perceived as unstable, unreliable and quite conflictual individuals.

What does your garage door look like?

The look of individual’s garage door on the other hand may reveal great taste and style that the garage door owner may have. It may also reveal the tendency toward certain shapes, certain colors, certain ambience – all things that have deeper and further meanings!

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